Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Special MO CD 230MB, 540MB, 640MB, 1.3GB

Shuanghui through the company supplies Department (010-82356822) franchise all MO discs, high quality good price, now have 3.5-inch MO discs and 5.25 inches, the main brand SONY, Fujitsu, Verbatim, etc., where the most current medical equipment (CT), telecom billing, research, taxation, advertising.
1) 3.5-inch MO discs have the capacity: 230MB, 540MB, 640MB, 1.3GB, 2.3GB. Major brand SONY, Fujitsu, Verbatim, if it is regular product, brand has little effect on quality. When users choose to pay attention to 540MB of MO discs 512 bytes per sector.
2) 5.25-inch MO discs have the capacity: 650MB, 1.2GB,

1.3GB, 2.3GB, 2.6GB, 4.1GB, 4.8GB, 5.2GB, 8.6GB, 9.1GB, MO discs have different capacities of different sectors, we must pay special attention to the time of purchase, as some operating system on the sector few have asked.

5.25-inch MO disc sectors have 512/1024/2048/4096/bytes/sector, medical equipment (CT) application of 512 major sectors of the MO disc, this disc has 2.3GB and 4.1GB.
In addition, our company also operation and maintenance of various brands of MO disc machine:
1, SONY MO disc machine: SONY S561, SONY F561, SONY S551, SONY F551, SONY S541, SONY F541, SONY S544, SONY F544 (SONY CD-ROM machine is SCSI interface and is 5 "disk machine).
2, Fujitsu 3 "CD-ROM machine are: 230MB, 640MB, 1.3GB, 2.3GB of these machines have SCSI CD-ROM Interface:

MCC3064SS, MCB3064SS, MCE3064SS, MCF3064SS, MCM3064SS, MCD3130SS, MCE3130SS, MCC3130SS. IDE Interface: MCM3130AP, MCB3130AP, MCC3130AP, MCB3064AP, MCM3064AP, MCD3064AP, MCE3064AP, MCC3064AP, MCC3130AP, MCB3130AP. There are also USB interface: Fujitsu FN1300. (Fujitsu IDE CD-ROM machine has interfaces, USB interfaces, SCSI interfaces, 1394

3, HP 5 "CD-ROM machine are: hp surestore optical 9100MX 9.1GB disc machine, HP SureStore Optical Built-C1113J (external C1114K) 5200ex 5.2GB disc machine.
4, the company has a large number of CD-ROM machine parts, and various models of second-hand CD-ROM, CD-ROM machine also undertake maintenance Maintenance can also provide high-quality disassemble disc machine (to ensure quality, guaranteed performance). The company provides maintenance services to all warranty for 3 months.
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