Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Was the fate of the attention of young people again and again - Liu Chuanwei

To overcome, not only to give up their new home in professional start exploring and learning difficulties will be encountered, but also because a change in the role, how can intellectuals from an ivory tower into a successful businessman ?

"More importantly, is the attitude adjustment and a better understanding of the nature of social development. "Liu Chuanwei said," You have to understand the cause of the sharp ask you about something, and as soon as possible to the absorption and digestion, refused to change, it is destined to be eliminated. "Social and books, the gap between theory and practice of the full passion of the entrepreneurs, the same as in another of the" re-education. " Fortunately, he once again "to graduate. "

Peak period, Liu Chuanwei when he was vice president of Express technology and even occupied the Chongqing Municipal Securities Information about 70% of market share, annual turnover of millions of people.

Liu Chuanwei to demonstrate that their knowledge and ability to value other than academic, but after all, is a nationalized company. When the capital development of the nature of the bottleneck, he could not get the platform and then navigate the larger space. So, despite all the dismay and care, after considerable deliberation, in 1994, Liu Chuanwei finally chose to leave, then as the founder of founder of Chongqing Zhongtian Technology Co., Ltd. and served as general manager,

He won also the beginning of the true glory of their own.

High noon

Work, people must be done first.

Man, you must first Ericsson.

This letter word not only in terms of others, and on himself, it implies a persistent attitude. Today, Liu Chuanwei still believe that the success of the road in "Attitude is more important than the opportunities."

Opportunity is always there, but decided the key to success lies in whom you are well prepared. Whether the year after they clock under the kerosene lamps, stay up studying, or is now in his luxurious office to work overtime, he has considerable perseverance towards their goal one after another.

Such people, there is no reason not to be the fate of the attention again.

In 2000, the surging tide of IT, Liu Chuanwei seize the opportunity, the successful introduction of Hong Kong's South China Venture Capital Group. He received not only brought their drawbacks capital operation, it is the cause of the great areas of expansion and upgrade.

"Amendment and learning that I always do two things. "Continuous adjustment of the actual situation of their views, constantly enrich and enrich itself, pragmatic and progressive, is the core of a team must have quality.

Intellectuals from the educated youth to, from intellectuals and then to IT business, it is with this attitude, Liu Chuanwei completed their input on the legendary role of the big changes.

And this change continues, in his own words, "a sense of responsibility and sense of accomplishment always spur me forward. "Especially in the IT industry, do not progress, it has come to mean regression.

Looking back on his career over the past decade, Liu Chuanwei is proud of. Development of complete software products with independent intellectual property rights 32, has 3 patents, 13 software copyrights and 18 software product certification; with IBM, CISCO, HP, Microsoft and other giants of the world's IT strategic alliances; domestic and international on two fronts The comprehensive victory; a series of dazzling capital operation ... ...

"In fact, get all of this, I really pay no more than hours. "Liu Chuanwei quiet conclusion with their bones are still losing share of lofty intellectuals and take it lightly.

People can have their own beliefs are welcome.

People can practice their own beliefs are respected.

This has been enough for him to pay every time, "Looking back in time, will not idle away the remorse, but also will not mean vulgar and ashamed. "

In their struggle to win the pinnacle of life, he and his career which is.

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